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Quick glance version of the rules of SDC


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This a a version of the rules to allow members to quickly glance over the rules. It is posted as an easy guide to the extended rules and is not intended to amend or replace any rule or TOS from the long form.


Tuesday July 2, 2013


Welcome to Smoaky.com, the sports authority for East and Central Texas


While thoughtful and informative dialogue along with some friendly banter and light ribbing is welcome we ask that you observe and follow the guidelines and rules of posting in the forums of SDC. Please, make yourself aware of the following rules and take note that the staff of SDC will enforce them.


  1. Bashing of Coaches, teams, players,schools, or game officials will not be tolerated.
  2. Bashing of, or arguing with staff members (moderators/administrators) decisions pertaining to conduct or duties will not be tolerated.
  3. Foul language is prohibited. The use of symbols to circumvent filters is not appropriate. Example: $ is the sign for money, not an “S” so don’t use it as one!
  4. All Spam content will be deleted and those guilty will be subject to expulsion from SDC
  5. Trolling will NOT be tolerated.
  6. Smoaky.com welcomes advertising and has some very appealing advertising packages. Please contact David Smoak at [email protected] or one of his administrators to discuss prior to posting ads.
  7. Members may only have one active account. Those found to be in violation of this rule may face expulsion.
  8. While we welcome your input please remember to stay on topic. If you feel the need to stray from the topic please create a new thread about your thoughts.
  9. SDC is not a rumor mill, do not use it as one. You may contact David Smoak personally at [email protected] to check the vailidity of a possible story, rumor, or hearsay before posting in the public forums. Threads/Posts deemed to be rumors will be deleted by SDC staff.
  10. At any time threads/posts may be edited, moved, deleted, or locked by SDC staff.
  11. Smoaky.com reserves the right to refuse any memberships under any and all circumstances at all times.
  12. Violations of the rules may result in warnings, issuance of warning points, temporary suspension of posting privileges, and in the most extreme cases permanent expulsion.



Please abide by these rules and we hope you enjoy SDC. Feel free to share your thoughts and we hope that you can find the information contained within informative and entertaining. We welcome you and look forward to seeing you around the forums.


A note from David Smoak:


Welcome and thank you for joining and participating in Smoaky.com. While I thoroughly enjoy your time, banter, discussions, and opinions please do not cross the line and all will be well.




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