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  1. 1. Who wins 16-6man?

    • Apple Springs
    • Chester
    • High Island
    • Oakwood

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Last week's scores....


30-Aug Apple Springs 54 - 30 Tyler HEAT T-CAL II - 2 30-Aug Chester 30 - 59 Leverett's Chapel D1-6M - 15 29-Aug High Island 55 - 62 Lake Jackson Brazosport 6MDiv. 2 - 5 30-Aug Oakwood 6 - 51 Blum D1-6M - 11


Current standings....

Apple Springs 1-0

Chester 0-1

High Island 0-1

Oakwood 0-1



The only surprise from Week 1 has to be Oakwood's poor showing against Blum. The Panthers' may struggle with the loss of Damiyne Durham, who's sitting out this season due to his commitment to Baylor in basketball, but the defense was not sharp in their final scrimmage.


Apple Springs got a big night from Josh Suggs running the ball, but 30 points was too many to surrender to Tyler HEAT


A small surprise from Chester's showing against LC, but the Lions are down this year, so I will hold judgment for awhile.


High Island is still giving up too many points. The defense is going to have to improve if they're going to the playoffs.


This week's schedule....


6-Sep Apple Springs 0 - 0 Chester D1-6M - 16 6-Sep High Island 0 - 0 Alvin Living Stones Christian 6MDiv. 2 - 5 6-Sep Oakwood 0 - 0 Zephyr D1-6M - 9


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