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Pine Tree HS football players arrested for on campus drug possession, theft


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Three Pine Tree High School football players were arrested Sunday and Monday on charges of drug possession in a drug free zone. The initial police report was filed in June when police were called to the PTISD campus during summer school to find marijuana in the car with 3 football players and one other female student. Officers said the car as well as the students smelled like marijuana and their eyes were bloodshot and glazed over. Also, one player was arrested back in May for stealing an iPhone during a 7-on-7 football game against Kilgore High School. He admitted to Kilgore police he did indeed steal the phone in hopes his honesty would produce a lighter sentence. The students have not missed a game this season even though the school knows about the charges because a high school faculty member is the one who called the police when the initial report was filed. Read the above story from KETK News in Tyler, Texas, for more information, or read the transcript below. You can also see an the attached picture of the players' mug shots.

Sources tell KETK News, three Pine Tree football players were arrested this week, for possessing marijuana back in June.KETK has also confirmed, all three players have been playing in every game for the Pirates this season.

According to records from the Longview Police Department and the Gregg County Sheriff's Office, on June 11th, police were called to Pine Tree High School, on suspicions of marijuana use.

In the report, four students were searched by school personnel, three of which were varsity football players, Robert Hines, Tyler Smith and Ladarius Fluellen, along with a female student.

The truck the four had ridden in, which was owned by the female's guardian and was parked on school property, was also searched, and reportedly smelled like pot, as did the clothes of the students.

Police found a Chik-fil-A box that contained two partially burnt blunts and, according to police reports, the students eyes were bloodshot and glazed over.

No arrests were made on scene, but the three were booked into the Gregg County Jail in the last few days. The three have since bonded out.

The three male students have played for the Pirates in the first three games of the season, and Fluellen was cited for possession in a drug free zone, the other two were just charged with possession.

According to police records, Smith was also booked on Monday for a stealing an iPhone back in May at a 7-on-7 football event at Kilgore High School. According to the Kilgore Police Department, Smith admitted to Kilgore police he did indeed steal the phone in hopes of getting a lighter sentence.

KETK spoke with a school officials, about what has, or will be done about this situation, but they were not able to make any statement at that time, but assured KETK they would be getting in touch soon.

What do you think about this? Should the players still be able to play football even though they were caught with drugs on school property? The school has not made them sit any games, even though they have direct knowledge and witnesses from the incident.


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