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Whose the new PT coach?


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I honestly think PT has the athletes on campus to win in football.


How they do so well in almost all the other sports EXCEPT football is inexplicable.




It almost seems like going to PT is a death knell on any career. And it's been that way for the better part of 3 decades.


They have had great up-and-coming coaches. They have had championship-pedigree coaches. They have had big names, no-names, coaches long in the tooth, and some that were still teething.


The result has been the same no matter who has been there.


And now....the new in-coming gets to inherit a school board that has egg on their face, parents that are mad, a community that is divided, and again.... a program that has what..... 3-4 playoff seasons in the last 30+ years.


That's a tough sell. Even with a great new stadium or the 103K.


BTW......I was shocked to see PT was paying 103K.....wow. Anyone else?


Best of luck to PTISD. I hope they get t worked out.


That being said....I hope the Mavs add to their misery a little come Friday night.

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Pt always has talent back up qb this year has put up really good #s but they still lose. It's sad. If they got the right person they could win there. But noone really ever has and hard to believe they have had that many bad coaches. I think there may be something in the water on that side of town.

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Whose going to steer the Ship

It don't matter who is steering the ship if the rudder is not attached.... The new coach will last about 1.74 years and during that time will be bad hamstrung by bad administration, lack of athletes,helicopter parents and a loser mentality except when it comes to one act play and intermediate high dive.

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