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OU vs Iowa State


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From the Tulsa World article by Emig Guerin, a real upper:


The warmest moment at Owen Field on Saturday occurred before kickoff and had nothing to do with the Sooners. Or football for that matter.

Lori Curtis joined her four children on the field and watched a taped message from her husband, U.S. Army 1st Sgt. David Brian Curtis of Eufala, on the stadium video board.

"I want to tell my wife and my entire family that I love them, I miss them and I'll see you in a few weeks," said Curtis, whose unit has been deployed to Afghanistan.

The message ended and the Sooner Schooner appeared on the field ... with Curtis riding along.

The family raced to Curtis when he hopped down off the Schooner, and a thunderous cheer went up from the 84,776 fans in attendance.


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