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Cowboys @ Giants

Dallas @ New York  

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  1. 1. Who wins???

    • Dallas Cowboys (5 - 5)
    • New York Giants (4 - 6)

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Is it me or is our D-line not doing a damn thing against the run? Why even pass if you are the Giants?

I'd run it till they shut it down. That ball gets awful hard & painful to catch when it's below freezing. Ain't no way I'd pass if I didn't have to. Especially when they've got a RB that's 6-4 264!

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What a rule, you can muff a fair catch as long as it doesn't hit the ground but if they hit you during the muff it is a foul but no yardage is accessed. I don't understand the reasoning behind that rule. If it is a foul there has to be yardage access....I guess not

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Cowboys are up by 8 so regardless, Dallas will have a chance to make a defensive stop as well as to score on their next possession.


Penalties have had a major impact on the game for both sides team.


Claiborne is out with a hammy.

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