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Mavgrad's Week 13 Thoughts, Preview and Typically Bad Predictions

Coach Rab

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What happened to Oregon's defense? Arizona has more yards than the Ducks.

Oregon has an undersized defense. They were forcing turnovers early in the year and making a few stops. They aren't special by any means.

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I knew Baylor would have some issues with a true balanced attack... However, I didn't know OSU's defense could be this good.

Baylor's D is having trouble stringing together good plays. Several times, they've been in 2nd and long only to give up 12-15 yards to get to 3rd and short.
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Baylor I expected would have a tough game but I didn't expect a beatdown.

A&M I knew would struggle against Lsu based on the defense its not a good day when your offense plays as bad.

I am lost for words on Oregon.

Fsu had to score 80 lol

Florida just flat out gave up a long time ago.

A&M will get tore up @ Mizzuo this week .

Bedlam is going too be ugly ugly.

You have to look at the big picture when it comes to Oregon....


Yes, they are a phenomenal team, but look at the type of teams they've put 60+ on for the last few years and then look at what they've done when they've played the ranked teams.

Then you have to look at Arizona. They are a very competitive team with a lot of talent. For whatever reason, they don't play to the level they did last night week after week. But if you look at their history, recent anyway, they are very capable of pulling off upsets, especially at home....

#8 Cal in '06

#2 Oregon in '07

almost knocked off #11 Oregon in '09

#9 Iowa in '10

#9 USC last year


Did I expect that outcome last night? No

Am I surprised? No

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How far did you want them to drop? There aren't too many 1 one loss teams.

I was just pointing out noticeable changes. I like that Baylor stayed up there. I think their heart will be tested against Texas to keep that top 10 ranking.

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