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Week 13 Pick Em


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Reply with ONLY your picks in numerical order. Do not bold the team, do not underline the team, do not make the letter of the team rainbow fading from green to red. I repeat, reply with only your picks, next to the number of that game, and do not forget to include your prediction of the tiebreaker game!

If you do not follow the instructions: 1. I'll be impressed you were able to turn on a computer and stumble your way on to the internet and this website. 2. Your entry will be deleted at the time the thread is locked and it will not be recorded.

All entries must be submitted before kickoff of the first game. It is your responsibility to do make sure you get it in, in time.

Without further ado:

  1. Oklahoma at Kansas State
  2. Michigan at Iowa
  3. A&M at LSU
  4. Wisconsin at Minnesota
  5. BYU at Notre Dame
  6. Nebraska at Penn State
  7. Arizona State at UCLA
  8. Missouri at Ole Miss
  9. Baylor at Oklahoma State
  10. Washington at Oregon State


Tiebreaker: LSU total offense vs A&M:

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