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Quarterfinals. Leonard 28 Cooper 20....Final


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If Cooper doesn't get the running game going they are in trouble. They aren't built to play from behind and it sounds like the Leonard coaches had their defense ready to go. If you can't pass for a two point conversion you aren't going to come back throwing the ball. They are a running team anyway, that should tell you something already, they felt they needed to throw the ball for a two point conversion? The Leonard coaches are already in the heads of the Bulldogs coaches.

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21-6 Leonard halftime. Penalties eating Cooper up.



Penalties are definitely hurting Cooper, but Leonard is hurting them too. They've shown up to play and are stopping Cooper's rushing attack like nobody else has been able to do all season. The first drive of the second half will be pretty telling. If it doesn't go well, I don't see Cooper winning this game.

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