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Football withdrawal


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I have had the shakes and seem very depressed, I started wearing my hoodie as it gives me some unknown confront...Jethro can confirm this is me....I will withdraw back to political chat if my old buddy's over there will let me come back in...




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Here's your timeline:

College Bowl Season

NFL Playoffs

Super Bowl

College Recruiting

National Signing Day

Camp Circuit

Spring Football


7 on 7

DCTF Magazine

FNF Magazine

2 a days

First Scrimmage


No need to go through withdrawals.


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Football is king for sure but myself being a native of Clarksville will always have a special place for basketball. LOL

There's a difference between HS hoops and NBA.


I watched HS hoops all weekend.


I can watch all of 5 minutes of NBA. A year.

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