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Daingerfield @ Malakoff


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A run in the playoffs?

Playoffs in Daingerfield is a requirement & expected every year.

A avg Daingerfield team is 2 - 3 rounds since pre-historic times. 2 or less is considered a bad year & probably HC ran up out of town.

It's just the way it is. I'll be in Malakoff tomorrow. Hopefully win or lose their's improvement otherwise this may go down as the worst team ever.

Let's face it as much as we'll root & hope for victories after Malakoff the next 3 games aren't in our favor.

I believe but I'm not stupid.

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Deep playoffs runs have been expected as of late. Because of our success in the past five years. But before winning state in 2008 we haven't had a deep playoff run since we lost to midland greenwood in 2002. Between that time we was going one or two rounds deep. So just maybe we are going through one of them stretches again.

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It's the 2nd week of the season and the DField faithful are already turning on the team? The 3 year stretch of back to back to backs have ruined you guys. From what I've heard, your defense still flies around. They may not know where they're going or what their assignment is supposed to be, but hustle covers up a lot of mistakes on defense. Don't you guys have a QB with a good arm and 2 big receivers? That's a tall task for any 3A secondary. Don't count your team out just yet. However, I think if the Malakoff kids show up and execute, this game shouldn't be close. But DField is always one big play away from turning the game around and getting that "mo" on their side...

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