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Van vs. Athens


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Van toughest test by far this year. I really think there are only a handful of teams in all of 4a that could stop Vans offense and Athens ISNT one of them ,that being said I believe that Athens will test our defense a defense that has played outstanding so far. Simple this will come down to the big boys and I believe that we are better up front on both sides of the ball .


Van- 34

athens 21

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the front 7 for Van will keep the Athens run game in check for the most part. Athens will break a few runs here and there, but overall Vans 1-2 punch on the run game with Aphonso Thomas and Matt Savis will be too much for Athens front 7. If Athens does break down on the run then they will also have to deal with the recievers of Van and their passing attack that doesnt have much speed but is always coached well and doesnt drop the ball much. IMO it will be close at half and then Van pulls away with a 42-21 win.


Athens will make mistakes this game...

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Regional Polls .... http://www.theathleticsdepartment.com/football/poll/coaches/?yr=2014&clas=3


Incidentally, Research shows ...

1.) The school with the highest enrollment wins 58% of the time

2.) The school that is playing at home wins 62% of the time

3.) The school with the best record going into the game wins 64% of the time

4.) The school with the team scoring the most points wins 99.99% of the time

(allows for later forfeits for playing ineligible players)

Now that's good stuff

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Athens is much better than that. Plus it will be very difficult to get enough possessions to score 56 unless they turn it over a bunch or Van completely shuts down the Athens running attack (unlikely). Their offense eats up a lot of clock. I think Van can score on offense they just need the D to get a few stops. It will probably be a close game.

I have seen the Athens offense and yes they can eat up clock. The key is winning on third down. They have a back that is good for at least 2-3 yards almost every time he touches the ball. I know last season If you start biting down on the run too much they had a couple playmakers that could catch the rock.

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It's been a couple of weeks since either team has played a game.


For both teams, last Friday night was surely lame.


The Vandals are going for their 6th win; an impressive feat.


Right now they are looking like a team that can't be beat.


The Hornets will have a hard time stopping the Vandal receivers who have great hands.


And if Thomas touches the ball, go ahead and strike up the band.


Also, Savis is good for a lot of first downs.


He can run the defense over, never taking it out of bounds.


Shout out to the O-Line, as powerful as they come.


Gandy, Santos, Carp, Dike, and Santos; second to none.


Peter Maddox is a disciplined QB who throws the ball well.


Hitting his receivers who catch without fail.


The secondary will be ready if the Hornets decide to pass.


Doring, Jones, Sherman, Cooper, and Roberts will all be too fast.


The front 7 will have to play tough, but I believe they will indeed


And shut the Hornets down after the offense takes the lead.


Drew Burroughs should have plenty of tackles tonight, as long as he plays tough


When the Hornets run up the middle, he will make sure they get stuffed.


Let's go Vandals; let's win six straight.


Play hard football tonight, after a 2 week wait.

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Just looking at my weather app on hourly mode for the Van area. It shows no chance of rain until 8:00 PM then it changes to 40% through 10:00. Better bring da poncho just in case. Of course I could use another app if I don't like that forecast and probably come up with a different one. Man I wouldn't want to be the weatherman in East Texas. lol.

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Every Van team has beaten Athens other than the 7th grade B team. They lost to Athens 14-12. *th grade A team won 20-0, B team 42-32. 7th grade A team was 34-0 I believe. I heard JV was 35-6 or something close to that. I know Freshmen team won but not sure of the score.

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