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  1. 1. Westwood at Malakoff Who wins this?

    • Malakoff Dominates and lives up to their ranking!
    • Westwood dominates and exposes Malakoff
    • Malakoff wins in a squeaker and shows their overrated.
    • Westwood wins close and shows Malakoff is overrated and they are under rated.

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Have to give props to the kids from WW there was no quit in them The running backs they have are by far we have seen this year.....# 10 & #4 are lagit and from what I understand are both Jrs........ only room for growth there....good luck with the rest of the season WW pretty sure will be palying in post season.

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la la land lol. kerens is 2 divisions below mtown and scurry/ewood are smaller as well. decent teams for their size ...yea ok. like i said malakoff win.

You should probably worry more about what is going on in Cville and less about what the Malakoff Tigers are doing

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