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Week Seven - Greenville at Sulphur Springs


Week Seven: Greenville at Sulphur Springs  

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  1. 1. Lions vs Wildcats...who wins?

    • Greenville by a lot
    • Greenville by a little
    • Sulphur Springs by a little
    • Sulphur Springs by a lot

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Greenville vs Sulphur Springs

Greenville is coming off an embarrassing loss at Longview where they seemingly didn't even get off the bus. Sulphur Springs is coming off a victory over Mount Pleasant.


Last time these teams got together, Sulphur Springs started taking knees...with SIX minutes left in the game. It was not well received in Lion Land. This is always a heated rivalry that has been heavily slanted towards the Wildcats as of late.


(Sorry 'bout the SS logo...couldn't find a large one, so had to blow this one up to size, hence the jaggedness.)

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I have to disagree with that. The Sulphur Springs offensive line totally dominated Mt. Pleasant and they could've had anybody back there rolling up mega yards. As it was one of their little tail backs ran for 200.


Gotta think SS is going to have a fairly easy time of it in this one too.

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Sulphur Springs is also coming off a loss, to Texarkana Texas High.


They beat Mount Pleasant this past Friday.


As I said in the district thread, I'm interested to see how this goes. What happened against Mount Pleasant early on? Did they just turn the ball over countless times? It sounded like a real struggle there for a bit before they were able to get some separation.


I saw where the 'Cats had over 700 yards offense against the Tigers, and most of it was rushing.

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MP scored a couple short field touchdowns before SS ever ran a play from scrimmage. There was a failed onside attempt on the opening kickoff by SS. Then after MP punched it in, they pooched the ensuing kickoff along the SS sideline, it went unfielded and stayed inbounds and MP recovered that too, scored again a couple plays later.


A few other fumbles contrived to keep the score pretty competitive, but it's a bit misleading.

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Well said by Fluke. After the slow start, SS did whatever they wanted on the ground with whoever they wanted. They did seem to struggle throwing the ball, but really didn't have to. Pryor is a tough, but I did not think he was the reason they dominated us. I thought the O-Line play was dominant. I know lots of records are kept up with, but if there was a record for pancake blocks in a single game, SS would have threatened the mark Friday night.

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This is gonna sound weird, but I actually like going to Prim. The compact settings and no track put you right on top of the field. Now if they'd only build some visitor parking...


You aren't alone. I enjoyed my trip there. Felt really old school.

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I did, thanks.


Final was 50-33.


If I gave my true unfiltered thoughts on the game tonight, I'd be kicked off the board. At least I can say, we never quit. Not only that, we forced SS to put their starters back on the field in the 4th quarter after they had been benched in the third.

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