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Class 3a D1 Region 3


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Games this week :

West at Comanche

Glen Rose at Whitney

Hillsboro at Mcgregor


Yoe at Florence

Lago Vista at Academy

Rockdale at Troy


Westwood at Elkhart

Teague at Eustace

Malakoff at Kemp


Anahauc at Hardin

Kountze at Buna

Kirbyville at Warren

East Chambers at Woodville

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I'm banking that Kountze doesn't beat Buna. But I didn't think Kirbyville would lose to Buna either so who knows???

I look for a 3 way tie between EC, Buna, & Kville, which I suppose is decided by points.

well fanatic, Buna and Kountze will be a close game. Kountze got blew out by kville the first district game, but has played well since. Lost to ec by a touchdowm. And has put up 54, 56, and 60 the last 3 weeks. A healthy kountze will give buna all they want. Don't get sidetracked by the 3-5 Record because at one point in the season there combined opponents record was like 28-2. They have won 3 straight and they plan on making it 4
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This weeks game between Kountze and Buna decides a lot it seems

Buna win possibility of tri champs and 3 9-1 teams


If Kountze beats Buna and Kirbyville beats EC then it's

Kirbyville 1st and EC 2nd

Kountze 3rd and Buna 4th

If EC wins out and Kountze beats Buna than there is a 3 way tie for second. That has my vote. LOL

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now this is all assuming Kirbyville beats Warren and EC beats Woodville....which I don't think either is an issue... but if so


If Kountze beats Buna and EC beats Kville then EC is 1st, and there is a 3 way tie for 2nd between Kville Buna and Kountze but points would rank them EC, Kville Buna Kountze.


If Kountze beats Buna and Kville beats EC then then its Kville 1st EC 2nd Kountze 3rd and Buna 4th.


If Buna beats Kountze and EC beats Kville then its EC 1st, Buna 2nd Kirbyville 3rd, and winner of Kountze and Anahuac 4th


If Buna beats Kountze and Kville beats EC by less than 11 points then its a 3 way tie for 1st between EC Kville and Buna and but EC would be 1st Kville 2nd and Buna 3rd still with winner of Anahuac Kountze getting 4th


If Buna beats Kountze and Kville beats EC by more than 11 points then its a 3way tie for 1st with Kville 1st EC 2nd and Buna 3rd with winner of Anahuac Kountze 4th.



Whew now I have a headache but I think this is close anyway

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Goodness that could be a messy district when its all said and done.


Ours is easier.....all assuming Teague and malakoff win Friday. Which unless a tragidy or some sort of miricale for Eustace or kemp that will happen.




And the winner of the Elkhart and Westwood game friday would be 3rd and loser is 4th.

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District 9


Glen Rose 4-0

Whitney 4-0

West 3-2

McGregor 2-2

Comanche 1-3

Grandview 1-4

Hillsboro 0-4


This week:

Glen Rose vs Whitney

West vs Comanche

McGregor vs Hillsboro


Final Week:

Comanche vs Hillsboro

Glen Rose vs McGregor

Whitney vs Grand view


Glen Rose: Win out and they will be District Champs. Lose out and could finish 3-4. Lose to Whitney and beat McGregor they will be 2nd seed. Beat Whitney and lose to McGregor District Champs.


Whitney: Pretty much the exact senerio as Glen Rose.


West: Win Friday they are in and waiting seeding from other games. Lose Friday and could miss the playoffs or 3-4 seed depending on out come of Comanche next game against Hillsboro!


McGregor: win out and they will be 2nd seed. Lose out and miss the playoffs. Beat Hillsboro this week then lose to glen rose next week 4th seed unless Comanche wins out and they will be 3rd seed BC of head to head with Comanche.


Comanche: needs to win out to have a chance.


Grandview: is out.


Hillsboro: needs to win out and hope McGregor Loses out.


A lot of senerios that hopefully will be dealt with this week but it could get interesting.


District 10:


Academy 2-1

Rockdale 2-1

Cameron 2-1

Troy 2-1

Lago vista 1-3

Florence 0-3


This week:

Troy vs rockdale

Cameron vs Florence

Academy vs lago vista


Final week:

Cameron vs academy

Lago Vista vs Troy

Florence vs Rockdale


Cameron: Win out and rockdale loses one of the next two and they are district champs. Lose out and get 4th seed.


Troy: win out and Cameron lose one of the next two and they are district champs. Lose out and get 4th seed.


Rockdale: win out and academy loses 1 of the last two and they are district champs. Lose out and could possible miss playoffs if Florence wins out and lago Vista loses 1 of the last 2.


Academy: wins out and Troy loses 1 of the last 2 and they are district champs. Lose out an miss playoffs BC Lago Vista would have head to head in a tie.


Lago vista: wins out and makes playoffs. Lose out and miss playoffs. Lose to Academy and beat Troy. They would need troy to lose out to have head to head and make playoffs.


Florence: wins out and need first need Cameron or rockdale to lose out and Lago vista to lose out.


District 11:


Teague 3-0

Malakoff 2-1

Elkhart 2-1

Westwood 1-2

Eustace 0-3

Kemp 0-3


This week:

Teague vs Eustace

Malakoff vs kemp

Westwood vs elkhart


Final week:

Elkhart vs Teague

Kemp vs Westwood

Malakoff vs Eustace


Teague: win out and they are DC. Lose out an get 3rd seed depending on what malakoff does they could be 2nd seed. Lose to Eustace and beat kemp they are DC. Beat Eustace and lose to Elkhart makes a 3way tie if Elkhart beat Westwood and goes to points for seeding.


Malakoff: wins out gets 2nd seed. Lose out an could miss playoffs if kemp wins out and Westwood beats Elkhart. An Elkhart loses to Westwood but beats Teague. Split either of the last two games and gets 2nd seed if Elkhart splits final two games but gets third if Elkhart wins out.


Elkhart: wins out and malakoff loses 1 of the last 2 they are DC. Lose out and get 4th seed.


Westwood: wins out gets 3rd seed. Loses out and miss playoffs with head to head with kemp or Eustace winning out. 4th seed if they split final two games.


Eustace: wins out and needs Westwood to lose out.


Kemp: wins out and needs Westwood to lose out and Eustace lose 1 of the last two.


District 12:


East chambers 5-0

Buna 4-1

Kville 4-1

Kountze 3-2

Woodville 2-3

Anahuac 1-4

Hardin 1-4

Warren 0-5


This week:

Kville vs warren

Woodville vs east chambers

Kountze vs buna

Anahuac vs Hardin


Final week:

Kville vs east chambers

Woodville vs warren

Buna vs Hardin

Kountze vs anahuac


East chambers: wins out and they are Dc. Lose out and depending on others on the seeding. Beat woodville and lose to kville and buna win out 3 way tie for seeding. Lose to woodville and beat kville they are 1 seed.


Buna: win out and EC loses out they are DC. Lose out and worse they could get is worse 4th seed having head to head over woodville. Split either games and depending on others for seeding.


Kville: wins out and buna drop one of the last two games they are DC. Lose out an at worse 4th seed with head to head over woodville. Split either last two games and seeding would depend on others.


Kountze: wins out and east chambers loses out they get 2nd seed BC kville would have head to head. Lose out and could miss playoffs if anahuac wins outs. Split either of final two games and get no less than 4th BC of having head to head over woodville.


Woodville: must win out and hope kountze loses out.


Anahuac: must win out and have kountze and woodville lose out to make playoffs.


Hardin: must win out and have kountze and woodville lose out and have the point in their favor with a 3 way tie with anahuac and kountze.


Warren: out.


I may have some stuff wrong but I did my best lol. Its the wild west west region 3 and it could get even wilder after Friday but hopefully most things clear up after Friday!

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District 9:

Winners this week:

Whitney over GR

McGregor over Hillsboro

Comanche over West


What we know now is Whitney no matter what happens next Friday is your #1 seed and District Champs.


Comanche is at Hillsboro next week and IMO you can chalk that up as a Win.


McGregor has GR at home and is in a must win situation. If they lose they are out and West and Comanche is in but if McGregor wins then West is out.


My Prediction:

GR over McGregor

Comanche over Hillsboro

Whitney over GV


1. Whitney

2. Glen Rose

3. Comanche

4. West


District 10:

Winners this week:

Yoe over Florence

Academy over Lago

Rockdale over Troy


Big games this week:

Academy at Yoe

Lago at Troy


Academy with a win over the Yoe would be DC and #1 seed. With a lose to the Yoe would put them #3 seed.


Winner of troy vs lago game is the 4th seed in this district.


My Prediction:

Yoe over academy

Rockdale over Florence

Lago over Troy


1. Rockdale

2. Yoe

3. Academy

4. Lago Vista


District 11:

Winners this week:

Teague over Eustace

Elkhart over WW

Malakoff over Kemp


Big game this week:

Elks AT Teague


Elkhart with a win makes a tri-DC and will go to puts for the seeding. With a lose they would be third seed. WW and malakoff will handle business this week.


My Prediction:

Teague over Elkhart

WW over kemp

Malakoff over Eustace


1. Teague

2. malakoff

3. Elkhart

4. Westwood


District 12:

Winners this week:

East Chambers





Big games this week:

Kville at East Chambers

Kountze at Anahuac


Kirbyvilke has a chance to go to EC and win a share of a DC. Points would determined seeding. I believe if kville were to beat EC by more than 7 they would be #1 seed.


The winner of the kountze and anahuac game gets the fourth seed.


Woodville needs anahuac to win to have a chance at the 4th seed.


My predictions:

Kirbyville over East Chambers

Buna over Hardin

Woodville over Warren

Kountze over anahuac.


1. Kirbyville

2. East chambers

3. Buna

4. Kountze

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Good match-ups if my predictions happen in first round.


1. Whitney vs 4. Lago Vista

2. Glen Rose vs 3. Academy


1. Rockdale vs 4. West

2. Yoe vs 3. Comanche


1. Teague vs 4. Kountze

2. Malakoff vs 3. Buna


1. Kirbyville vs 4. Westwood

2. East Chambers vs 3. Elkhart


Looks good to me. Troy/Lago Vista could be close and East Chambers/Kirbyville could go either way, but based on these seeds, I would go with this:


Whitney over Lago Vista

Glen Rose over Academy


Rockdale over West

Cameron Yoe over Comanche


Teague over Kountze

Malakoff over Buna


Kirbyville over Westwood

East Chambers over Elkhart



Top 1st round games to watch:


1. Malakoff/Buna

2. Whitney/Lago Vista & Glen Rose/Academy



Academy is the big surprise team here. They pulled off a huge upset over Rockdale last week and did the same over Lago this week and now have a ton of momentum coming into Cameron. Malakoff/Buna, to me, is the best game to watch in the 1st round. I think it will tell us a lot about how the region could be shaking up. If Buna were to win that game, it would tell me that the region is even more wide open than it already is. I have Malakoff as the 2nd ranked team in R3, but Buna is in my top 15 in the state, so it could be interesting.

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