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Teague at Malakoff


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Depending on what poll you look at but the AP poll is what I will use here.


#7 Teague goes to #8 malakoff for what should be and will be IMO the district championship game for class 3A D1 District 11! Both teams are unbeaten and have pretty much destroyed every team in its path so far this season. The two heavy trains will collide in one of the biggest games in the state a week from tonight!


Teague has scored 423 points and given up 132 points.


Malakoff has scored 345 points and given up 95 points.


The key match ups will be the Teague defense against the malakoff rushing attack. An malakoff secondary against the Teague speedy receivers.


I'm predicting a high scoring game.

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Another note on the game.


Malakoff opponent over all record is 20-29 with 1team that haven't won a game all year in Dfield. 1 four win team in Elkhart and 2 teams with 5 win records Westwood and kerens.


Teague opponent over all record is 17-33 kemp is the only winless team Teague has played. 2 four win teams in Caldwell and mexia. An Westwood with the only 5 win team they have played.


The only common opponent this year is Westwood.


Teague 63-19 WW

Malakoff 48-27 Ww

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Gonna be a great game. Hope the refs in malakoff aren't the ones we had last night or the ones over there in Elkhart last night. Heard they weren't very good malakoff fans????


Biggest test of the year for both teams. Secondary for malakoff will have to play its best game of the year and the Teague offensive line will be the key to the lions offense if they can block the big bodies of malakoff.


Teague defense was impressive last night against Westwood. Couple times they had miscues allowing #4 and #1 break big runs other than that the linebackers swarmed to the ball!


I still believe Caldwell has had the better rushing attack Teague has seen all year with their average 275 across the board. The only difference malakoff would have over Caldwell is how big of a RB they have in the dowell kid.


I personally believe malakoff will rush for around 225-250 as a team and score 5 TDs on the ground and get about 100-150 through the air and score a TD. Teague will be more balanced I believe they will rush for about 230-260 and score 3 on the ground. Teague will throw for over 300 in the air and score 5 TDs.


This is definitely a can't miss game. Let the banter begin lol.


Teague 56

Malakoff 42

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