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WEEK 9: Texas High (4-3) Vs. Marshall (4-3)


Tigers Vs. Mavs  

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  1. 1. Who you got?

    • Texas High in a close on
    • Marshall in a close one
    • Texas High in a blow out
    • Marshall in a blowout

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Outside of the Lobos, Texas High has more history with Marshall than any other team.


They first met in 1911... and have spent most of the the last 103 seasons as district rivals with a couple of spaces in-between.


I'll do a full history on the series tomorrow night after I get home from work. Too long for me to get done now.


But I figured we could go ahead and get the talk going.


Big game for both.

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HUGE game. Especially for Marshall. If the Mavs lose this one the rest are playoff games. I feel like being at home and coming off an emotional win vs Greenville the guys will be ready. I voted Marshall to win a close game. I haven't been able to figure out Texas High this year. It seems like they are playing really well at home (as always) and not so much on the road. They play Longview tough but struggle with Pine Tree. I tell you this though, if we turn the ball over or keep up the crazy amount of penalties the Tigers WILL make us pay. I am expecting a good close hard fought battle. It sure will be nice if Washington is back at 100% in this one. Safe travels down Hwy 59 from Texarkana!

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That inexplicable loss to Hallsville (21-19) could come back to bite us in the rear.


That one fumble that gave them a TD..... that single play could be what keeps us sitting at home come November.


The only way we erase it..... is to either beat Texas High.......or SS.


History shows we generally have close games with Texarkana..... and SS mops the floor with us. So this is our week to take control.


If we can eek out a win over the Tigers.... then take care of business on the road at MP, then it would be great to enter senior night and host SS in a game that isn't a must win.


But..... the fact that they hung with Longview when the Lobos ran us out of the stadium is unsettling. BUT.... they struggled against Pine Tree. Go figure.


Hoping for a big night at Maverick Stadium for the guys in red.

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This is almost a must win for Marshall after losing to Hallsville (and learning that head to head is first tiebreaker). Mavs will come out hot ya have to believe, but if that TX High QB has another type of night like he did against Longview, hard for me to believe they'll be able to beat the Tigers.

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I'm thinking that the Mavs will take this one..


1) I watched them both play Hallsville... Marshall dominated Hallsville (in Hallsville) but committed key mistakes that cost them the game. Hallsville out-played TH most of the game (in Texarkana), but committed key mistakes that cost them the game.


2) The game is in Marshall


3) The Mavs backs are "against the wall"


On the other hand... The Tigers played Longview better than the Mavs did...


Should be another close game decided by a touchdown or less....

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I think these are pretty evenly matched teams. I've got a feeling you are pretty on the mark about the possibility of a let-down after the Longview game. Marshall being a home team & being in a "must win" situation will be a tough matchup for us. I can honestly see this game spinning in a lot of different directions.

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I've seen this team respond to adversity pretty well the last 2 seasons...... something we hadn't done in previous years.


Last year they were picked for dead last in the district and still managed to eek their way into the playoffs with a staff that had been in town just a month or two before drills started.


We've made some progress..... but we still aren't where we were from 2004-2010 and before.


A signature win could change that. While the wins we got last year were critical to get into the playoffs, they were still wins over MP and PT........


We need to take the next step..... which would be to beat Texas High or SS. Which isn't something we've done in the last 4 years.


BUT....... our response during the Longview game let me down. It's the only time I really had to SMH at this team since the new staff got here. After falling behind 14-0 REALLY fast..... followed by the key injuries to Haller and Washington.... it was like they completely deflated and laid down. It was disappointing.


They managed a little spark in the second half to avoid being goose-egged..... but I had never seen this team lay down with this staff. Obviously Longview is on a completely different level than we are when it comes to talent and execution, but I have to wonder how much of it has become mental. "it's Longview, prepare for a beatdown".


Anyhow..... I think both teams will come out with a purpose on Friday. A loss hurts us more than it does Texarkana.


At the end of the day the Mavs need to beat MP next week..... and need a win over either Texarkana or SS. And I have a sneaking suspicion that the offense of SS is going to give us fits defensively. But both games are at home....so that's a plus.


Problem is....IMHO.... Marshall, TxH, and SS have all been pretty inconsistent.


Marshall blew out PT and Greenville....... dominated Hallsville statically, but still lost by 2 because of one critical mistake.

Texas High inexplicably struggled against PT.

SS has been giving up bushels of points...... but scoring in bigger bushels.


Next 3 weeks could be interesting.


Selfishly..... I'd just rather take care of business this week and next week so that week 11 isn't a must-win. Because if we lose this week and then beat MP next week..... whatever happens in week 11 could make me a nervous wreck. Win or lose.

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If marshall wins out we would be the 2nd seed most likely. If we beat thigh n mt p and lose to ss we would most likely be the 5th seed because of head to head vs ss n hville. If we lose to thigh and beat ss that would have us in a 3 way tie and would come down to points. Right now hallsville would be in danger if that happens. They would have to hope we lose to ss or win by 13 plus. Either way, this game will probably just be for seeding. Win or lose we would still need to beat ss to make the playoffs. Unless ss or hville lose a game they are picked to win.

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I forgot to add this the other day..... but I have some tidbits about the Marshall-Texas High series.


It's our 2nd longest/Oldest rivalry behind Longview.


Started in 1911..... just 2 years after Longview. Played for 78 consecutive seasons from 1911 to 1989.


Hope for great game. Safe travels to Tiger fans.

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A little FYI for Maverick fans.


I just saw where #4 Byrd beat #8 Bossire Parkway 24-17 last night in overtime. Byrd is 8-0 on the season. Parkway is 6-2.




Tell you what.... Byrd is a great Program. They are one of the FEW programs from SBC that can bring 8-10K to a game. And they make some noise.....as you could see on that video.


But seeing anyone beat Parkway makes me happy!

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