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Mart RB D'Marcus Cosby reinstated...


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D'Marcus Cosby was outstanding on our sideline last night with our young kids and veterans. I and my administration feel like he has an understanding of the affects of a brief moment of poor choices. With great effort in the classroom and on the field he will resume playing this week at Bosqueville. I have notified Coach Zander that this is the case in an effort to allow them to plan for the element D'Marcus brings to our offense and defense. I am fully ready to accept the negative opinions of some that do not know D'Marcus as I do. Discipline is a difficult aspect of this job as you deal with young people whom you wish to grow through poor decisions and not run off. Kicking a kid off a team and continuing to bury them over a situation that would not have made the news at many other local schools in my mind is the easy way out. We continue to stand for our principles and our efforts to make great men out of our Panthers! I feel like I owed you the opportunity to know this and share if you choose as you handled our situation with the utmost respect last week.


Thanks so much for the professionalism in which you dealt with myself and D'Marcus last week. God definitely gave us an opportunity to grow in adversity this past week and I feel like all our coaches and panthers including D'Marcus did an outstanding job!




Rusty Nail

Mart ISD


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Glad this turned out like it did. Sounds like this athlete needs guidance not abandonment. It is amazing how something like this could shape a life forever. I think the coach made the right decision if this is an out of character action for the kid and it is not just to win games.

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