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Beckville at joaquin


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If Joaquin sticks to the game plan and doesn't give them an opening then Joaquin wins. If Beckville get a toe hold early could be a rough game for Jo.

Joaquin over Beckville

I agree. If we can establish our style of football, we can put pressure on their offense and force them into mistakes. I'll be interested to see what they do with their defense this year. Last year, I think they totally missed on their defensive game plan.
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Seems like I remember a thread on Beckville and Joaquin were to ladies got in a fight on the sidewalk, might not have been football though...

It was softball! I witnessed that at Center tournament last year! Hard-core! Banging heads on car hoods... No call for that kinda crazy!

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I am waiting on Doomer to tell me who will win....

Hayseed told me our little buddy is in some trouble with the law again. It involves a disagreement with a game warden concerning how many squirrels he can have in his possession. Not sure if he's made bail yet or not.
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Joaquin doesn't have a JV

Yeah, I think lack of numbers sufficient to field a JV for the full season has kind of held our program back. We've got a bunch of kids suiting up on Friday, but not near enough of them are getting any playing time. They're much better off, development wise, playing on Thursday than standing on the sideline on Friday.
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