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The 2015 Inductees into the SDC Hall of Fame. These men personify the passion and fun of this site. Some we also owe the honor of being here. On behalf of the staff and the members thank y'all


Shoelessjoelives - http://www.smoaky.com/forum/index.php?showuser=796






RandyJohnson- http://www.smoaky.com/forum/index.php?showuser=129


Smoaky- http://www.smoaky.com/forum/index.php?showuser=3

I didn't even see this when it came up. I don't see how Smoaky didn't make it in the initial inauguration. I know he rarely posts on here, but without him and Daffid would this site even exist ? It makes me wonder what Daffid has been up to. I remember back when he would screen the calls to Sports Talk.

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These three guys are a great example of what this site is meant to be. Guys like SteelJacket are the lifeblood of this site. Diehard supporters of their team. Without them this site wouldn't be what it is.Doomer brings his own special style to the site. Not everything has to be 100% serious. Now the last inductee,while controversial, is deserving as well. Countless hours behind the scenes making sure Russians and 504 Bad Gateways are held to a minimum. Westhardinfan1/Colmes, welcome to the Hall.

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32 minutes ago, Matthias said:

Seems like one of the first things that happens when you become a Hall of Famer is that you never post anymore. :D 

Aside from Hardin and Randy, the rest of that bunch is persona non grata. 

Some of them are deceased........

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