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Well, I finally escaped from an alien abduction ... I wuz "snatched up" by unknown creatures last Thursday and taken to a gulag some people call the "Death Star" where I wuz fleeced of a lot of my money and forced to watch gladiators fight up and down this artificial pasture with no cows for hours at a time.  They did feed us gud though ... got back last night and found about this honor ... and I have to say thanks for the recognition! ....

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Overwhelming folks.  At my age the only honors I get is by my wife if I make it to the bathroom in time.  Thanks forever guys.

On a side note, I was XO of that alien vessel that abducted Kirt (Kolmes was Captain).  Unbelievable but he’s been a skeptic.  Put him on an IV drip of Doomers shine.  I’ve seen eyes roll back in peoples heads but Kirt’s eyes didn’t stop.  Just kept on rolling like a broke slot machine.  😂

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3 minutes ago, KirtFalcon said:

The honor is well deserved old man ... at least I'm not the oldest in the HOF any more .... :woot:

Thanks Big Buddy.  It’s an honor being in there with you.  At 76 and forgetful as I am, I could be President, but being in the Smoaky HOF with you is a bigger honor.  


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