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Major College Decision Commitment Announcement


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After filing for and receiving another year of eligibility, I am committing to the University of Phoenix for the Fall. I had received offers from ITT, Devry, Lincoln Tech and Massey Business College,: but I can not pass up the opportunity to play at the University of Phoenix stadium. I want to thank my posse of Ray-Ray, Ju-Ju and Mookie for their support and encouragement. Although I was not rated so much as a two star athlete, there were several times that I did see "stars" in high school and my short time in college. I could not find a University of Phoenix cap to wear at my " announcement party", so I just drew a picture and held it up. I'm not really even sure what their mascot is, but I'm gonna get a tattoo on my bicep as soon as I find out. Oops, Deleware Tech is texting me an offer, I may have to re-think this whole thing.


Whatever happened to just committing to a school, sticking with your commitment and having your picture taken by the local newspaper?

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