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Cowboys host Jets on Sat., Dec. 19th at 7:25 p.m.-UIL championships move site?

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what a--holes the NFL are to mess up the State of Texas playoffs. if they do not agree to change somehow. I hope the entire state of Texas boycotts the Cowboys game with the Jets. It should not be a very good game anyway if the boys are as good as we believe they are.

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Dr. Beaithaupt had an interview with Craig Way on an Austin radio station..he was very candid in the discussion...NRG does work this year because UIL State weekend is taking place during a week the Texans are away from home


1) Dallas Cowboys thought UIL was moving games in 2105, UIL wanted to exercise the option to renew for 2015....miscommunication there

2) Jerry Jones has personally expressed to the UIL how much he values high school football at AT&T and how he wants to keep the games there, Dr. Breithaupt mentioned multiple members of the Cowboys organization have apologized today.

3) UIL had hoped to announce the contract renewal before the end of the school year

3) UIL was in talks with NRG Stadium to move the games to Houston in 2016, those talks may be accelerated

4) UIL will not alter the state title schedule games will be Thur, Fri and Sat...no Wed, Sun or Monday games....

5) UIL wants the games at one site....not sure if six man counts in this discussion

6) The Cowboys are working with the NFL to try and move the game...

7) Dr. Breithaupt did state the locker room situation is a concern at the Alamodome

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This topic made the national news:





The full 2015 NFL schedule was released on Tuesday night. There are 256 regular season games spread across nearly four months and by the end of it, we'll know which teams get to go to the playoffs and vie for the right to represent their conference in the Super Bowl.


One of those 256 games is a clash between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Jets. We already knew the game would be played in Dallas before the full schedule would released on Tuesday; we just didn't know when.


With 17 Sundays, 16 Mondays, 15 Thursdays and two Saturdays to choose from (or 50 potential game dates), the NFL managed to schedule the contest the same day as three Texas high school state championship games were already on the books to take place at Jerry World, according to The Dallas Morning News. Bit of a mix-up there, wouldn't you say?


AT&T Stadium has been hosting the state title games since 2010. “Hosting the finals in the state of Texas has always been a priority for us dating back to Texas Stadium,” Stephen Jones told the Dallas Morning News' Jon Machota in December 2014. “We had that in mind when we built AT&T Stadium, and our desire to continue to host those games for years to come is stronger than ever.”


Well, it looks like at least for one year, they'll have to find another place to play.


It is my understanding that the UIL failed to exercise the option for next year in the contract...therefore, Cowboys didn't send in to NFL...so we now have a Saturday night national tv game...good job, as usual UIL


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The UIL had not yet exercised the option yet, but from the sounds of it they had already communicated to the Cowboys their plans to...officially they couldn't exercise the option until after the NFL schedule release....each NFL team is allowed to submit preferred dates etc and the Cowboys in the past had typically informed the NFL of their desire to not have a Saturday game the week of the title games...obviously that didnt happen this time but I dont believe this is a UIL screw up

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Too bad. Im sure NRG is a great facility...but how many hs players would prefer to play there rather than at the Death Star? I would guess not many. If it is at NRG it will have to be better than the Astrodome. I went to a sc double header at the 'dome about 20 years ago and it was not a very good place to watch a game even back then. If memory serves me the two games were JT/Austin Westlake and Stephenville/LaMarque.

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4 games Thursday.

3 games Friday.

3 games Sunday.


Jerry world will still have the games.

That would be interesting. I have never heard of a single football game played on a Sunday. I might be wrong, and would love to know if any have. If they played any games I think they could only play two on Saturday, but you'd have to get some of the fans out of the stadium, so I don't see them hosting any games that day either.

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Granted you want the ability to control playing conditions, but shouldn't Waco at least be considered? Talk about a central location.


But regardless, as Mavchamp said, the UIL will NOT think of fighting the battle of playing a high school game on Sunday. That would open the door for every other sport to do the same.


And I can't stand Jerry and all his power, but he is smart. He won't risk losing that money. Dallas will get the game moved to the 20th.

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UIL wants stadium with roof, artificial turf, and four locker rooms to accommodate teams and schedule. San Antonio will be renovating for upcoming bid for Final Four and Houston gets the nod if NFL doesn't change schedule, and with big money TV contracts, highly unlikely. Sounds like I need to make plans for a weekend to Houston in December!

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