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Mike Carter Field Tyler


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Interesting item on the agenda for the TISD board workshop today.




See page 6. Installing an artificial surface at Mike Carter. From what I hear it would be turf on the entire field. Would be the only one in East Texas. Sunnyvalle and Lindale both have turf infields. Gary also opened up a new turf field this year.


Would attract lots of playoff games, especially in years like this year with all the rain.

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It will be warmer, but if you have seen the condition of the playing surface near the end of the high school and college season the past couple of seasons you might better understand why they felt this was needed. Last season much of the grass in foul territory around the infield and the area between the mound and the plate was rough looking. This season the combination of the rain and leaving the tarp on to allow the field to be playable meant burning the infield grass. It was one of the few dry fields in the area, but it was pretty sad looking.


The combination of REL, JT, and TJC using the facility means it gets a lot of traffic. I could even see Texas College using it some until they figure out where their home field will be.


Lets hope they give it a good look so the turf has the look of an old time baseball park and not just lots of green with brown patches around the bases. Turf has come a long way in recent years. This might also help them lure the D-III Juco World Series back.


We shall see, but I think it will be a change for the better. Redoing the dugouts last year was a great touch as well.

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