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Beckville Bearcarts hosting Shelbyville Dragons


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I've seen Beckville play Timpson and San Augustine and I've seen Shelbyville play Garrison and Joaquin.


1) Shelbyville's defense has not faced an offense this year that can do as many things well as Beckville's can.

In Beckville's #2 Mitchell they will see a running back that's as quick as Garrison's #5 Dove and hits the hole like

Joaquin's #4 Belrose. #22 Reed runs hard inside.They can throw the ball some also just ask San Augustine.They

don't beat themselves with a lot of mistakes. They have averaged about 42 points a game.


2) Beckville's offense has not faced a defense as quick and hard hitting as Shelbyville's.The defense has given up only 20

points this year.


3) Shelbyville's offense comes in averaging 50 points per game and is led by #32 Burrell who averages over 225 yards rushing per game.

They have six other backs that average over 8 yards per carry.They don't throw often but when they do they average 20 per catch.


4) Beckville's defense has allowed only an average of 14 points per game. They may not be as quick on defense as Shelbyville but like their

offense they don't make a lot of mistakes and beat themselves. I was impressed by the way their linebackers played.


On paper it looks like the Dragons have the edge. But football games are not played on past results they are played on a football

field between young men who give everything they have for four quarters


It's going to be a fun night in Beckville Friday with one of these teams coming away in control of the District 10 2A race.

Weather will be cool and the weatherman said it might also be wet.


May the best team win and everyone come home safe.

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I know they are good but they haven't "played anybody" just like beckville hasn't "played anybody" they have played garrison which the score was close and now beckville has played San Augustine and the score was close ish...I'm thinking shelbyville's arragance loses them a close game if beckville can mak it a war I think they win in a close one

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Beckville is the most improved team in East Texas this year. Shelbyville has improved big time over last year as well. They are bigger, faster, stronger, and more physical. Beckville's offensive scheme will present some challenges to the Dragon D, provided they can win some of the battles at the line of scrimmage. If not, it doesn't matter how good your offense is, when there are 2-3 wrong color shirts in your backfield every snap, you're in trouble. When we played Shelbyville, I said we would need to play our best game of the year to have a shot. The same goes for Beckville.

I'm picking Shelbyville 36-14.

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I was thinking the same Lambo. I think they're in for a rude awakening


48-21 Dragons

Its a real weird subject. I didn't realise how good their defense was until about halftime when Joaquin played them. They are a "for real" contender.
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