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Arp vs Hooks


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to mention Waskom in the same sentence as Franklin, West Rusk, and HS is blasphemy!!

Franklin is a deeper better team than Waskom. Id love to see Waskom and Franklin play each other in State. I think Franklins depth will probably be to much got everyone in 3A d2
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I've seen both teams play and the only person I seen that arp had that might could keep up with 21 or 18 would be that running back yall have. I would of said 24 for hooks also but I didn't really get to see him take off last week

Which RB? We have 5. Well 6 now with the new kid now eligible. He started at RB for Chapel Hill and MLB Im told. I know he was a big force for Arp in the middle at 5'9 200 lbs last week in his 1st start with Arp.
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The one im talking bout I think he is number 20 he didn't play until the end of the game against pewitt I think he had just transferred in also

No 20 was raised in Arp. Only move we had was 2 that moved in last year. And 11. 2 is 6'1 190.

2 has almost 1100 yards this year according to the etsnfm

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