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12-0 Rousey vs 9-0 Holm


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Ronda already hit harder than she's ever been hit. Holm landing with straight left and right hooks. Circling, just landing lefts at will

Holm tagging Rousey with straight left hands. Rousey stunned bad by one of them. Holm takes Rousey down but stands up.

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After watching the post interview with Holly Holm she came across as a class act. I'm glad for her in the win. Imo, seemed to have a good soul, (a good heart)


She already agreed to a rematch if Ronda wants one, which we all know the answer to that.

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I'm glad someone finally was able to take her down. I had a feeling that if Holm could avoid getting taken down and arm barred she might have the edge in the stand up fighting. The Rousey hype was getting to be a little too much. Holm just set herself up for some big money endorsements and a high dollar rematch ...

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