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UIL to release cut-off numbers Friday


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Here it is folks


6a- 2150 and above

5a- 1100-2149

4a- 480-1099

3a- 221-479

2a- 105-220

1a- 104.9 and below


4a- d1 723-1099

4a- d2 480-722





4A D1

723 - 1099


4A D2

480 - 722


3A D1

319 - 479


3A D2

221 - 318


2A D1

158 - 220


2A D2

105 - 157


1A D1

59 - 104.9


1A D2

58 & BELOW

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Beckville This year has " for us" a large Sr class with 60+. We have 45-50 probably in 8th grade. You would think UIL would want the number for next year to be the number that will actually be in high school, which would keep us where we are now. Oh well, back to 3a

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