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3a division 1


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Your facts are incorrect on the first drive of second half we stopped Yoe on 4-1 from 50 then made 3 first downs before Yoe stopped us on 4th goal

So the one first down in second half is wrong I have no idea how many we had but we had three on that drive




Your "FACTS" are pretty crappy then considering I have talked to multiple people dialed into the program about this to validate my point. And as for the first down, why don't you go and ask Malakoff coaches how many first downs they had in the second half. Guarantee ou their answer would be one. Read the newspapers and articles about the game. That will also tell you how many first downs they had. They scored on one really long play, and they scored on the kick return. Other than that, one first down and no yardage. Your "FACTS" are based on absolutely nothing other than what you "think" you saw happen during that game. Get a clue.

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1. Malakoff was a solid team. They came out and played hard, had an excellent game plan, and had some really good athletes. A lot of credit has to be given to them.


2. Cameron made about every mistake in the book in that first half. Malakoff took advantage and appeared to have a commanding 32-7 lead. Fortunately, the Yoemen are explosive on offense and re-grouped to come back and win.


3. I believe Teague in better in 2015. I have only watched Teague once this year and that was in the season opener versus Lexington. Once again, this was the first game of the year and Lexington was not that strong this year, but I was actually more impressed with the way the Lions won that game as opposed to 2014. The offensive and defensive lines are more experience and they still have some strong skill people, which makes them dangerous. I would be shocked if they don't get by West tomorrow.


4. I'm not ready to say this Cameron team is not "as good" as last year. The team in 2014 struggled out of the gate but turned that corner once after the Rockdale game and then even more so in the playoffs. At this point, I think some people are just waiting for Cameron to kind of take that next step. The way Cameron had to come back in dramatic fashion may help jump start that this week. Grandview has a prolific offense, so it is going to be interesting to see how that game plays out tomorrow. Regardless, I expect a very strong performance from the Yoemen tomorrow. .

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I actually was not as concerned going into the 4th. Three reasons, Yoe had momentum and was definitely a different team than the first quarter. And there is no better coach at making half time adjustments than Rick Rhodes and the Yoemen are a fourth quarter team. If we put our selves in a good position, we will win that last quarter.


Yeah, ok.

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If you were at that game, you knew where the momentum was


I was at the game. I never said that ya'll didn't have a chance. I was just saying that the Yoe fans were concerned as they should have been. Also, I was replying to Yoemen06's comment "Teague. lol!" No respect. I'll leave it at that.

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