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New District Predictions


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Seems logical. Only thing I can predict when it comes to new realignment is that something crazy/unexpected will happen.


That was in response to Maroon, it didn't quote for some reason. Probably operator error.


Yeah the UIL has a way of doing crazy things. That was just my prediction with Grand Saline moving up to D1.

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This seems like a legitimate option. What are the odds Rockwall schools get thrown in there instead of with Garland?

They probably will honestly. That's what they've done most recently (12/13).


They're across a lake from Rowlett though so ya never know.


I want the five non district games but that's just me so I'm hoping it stays at us three and the Mesquite three.

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I could see:



Lone Oak




Heard Cooper turned in mid 220's.. Cut of for 2A was 220. Dawgs were that close to dropping back into 2A, could've been big for them. Oh well, gotta play the hand your dealt I guess. Sure would've been nice not to be one of the smallest in the classification again.
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