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New District Predictions


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Prediction for LLs district:









It's gonna be weird not seeing Grapeland in district after being with them the last however many years?? 12?? 14??


And no thanks to Anderson-Shiro or Normangee that's a long ways but UIL never shocks what they do we've been south east to west sabine and north west to Kerens so who knows where we go.

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If Groveton went up, this is exactly what I would think. Since Grapeland went D2, REALLY hope we have still have them on our pre-district schedule. Let's match up some youngsters against youngsters.

Sorry bud you want see Grapeland for the next two years. It's kinda of a good thing to get Alto, and Lovelady off the schedule. After you get beat so many times in a roll that it almost becomes a given because grapeland already beats themselves before they even get off the bus. The preseason schedule Grapeland going after and if they get that district. They will start the season 10-0 next year. The only problem will be a very weak schedule with a really good team. But they will still be trying to build that winning swagger.

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I'm hoping for a Region 3 district, but I agree with this prediction on the Old Coach...

So your two non district games would be Longview and Nac...




Oak Ridge

College Park


Humble Atascocita


Humble SC

and maybe Montgomery...


I like a 9 team district. We don't have to worry about schedule problems and finding teams.

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They have been shrinking for years now. I really infuriated some Sandyites a couple of years ago when I speculated that they might be six man in a few years. It was not like I took pleasure in saying it, just speculating. Small town Texas is dying and that is a very sad thing.


Hubbard is another example, they were big 3A just ten years ago and they are down to right at 100 now.


Sad sad times for a bunch of places. Change #### but that does not mean it is not going to happen.

We have 154 now. Give it two to three years and I bet we jump up to 170 range or more. Reason the number will go up. All the small towns around Grapeland kids will want to go Grapeland and play for a state championship. If it all plays out right Grapeland could have a chance at winning state in Football in Division 2 for the next 5+ years with all the talent they have coming up. Basketball could make the state tournament starting this year all the way until that 6th grade class gets there. They just beat #1 Laneville tonight. In D2 I can see us winning it back to back. Same with Baseball and Golf.

The girl sports will be even better then the boys next year. Basketball could win it every year, and softball after this year could win it the next four years. The jr high Girls A team has to have a running clock so they don't score a 100 on every team. It's a great day to be a Sandie!

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3A div 1 Prediction


Jefferson, White Oak, Sabine, Mineola, Quitman, Grand Saline


Redwater, New Boston, Hughes Springs, Winnsboro, Mount Vernon, Commerce


OR possibly


New Boston, Redwater, Hughes Springs, Jefferson, White Oak, Sabine


Commerce, Mount Vernon, Winnsboro, Quitman, Mineola, Grand Saline

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