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Cameron Yoemen vs Teague Lions 3AD1 Region 3 'ship game


Cameron vs Teague 3AD1 Region 3  

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  1. 1. Who will take Region 3?

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Well for whats its worth here is my humble prediction and as always these kids are 15-18 yrs old and anything can happen

I have watched both teams up close and feel like turnovers again will be the key as usual for the night


I am taking Teague to upset the Yoemen

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Notes: Teague is a one man team. Shephard can move the ball and is very dangerous. They start handing it off to Coleman to allow Shephard to catch his wind. Teague is doing great at keeping the ball and have several long drives. Unfortunately, they have failed to score on Cameron in the redzone. A fumble and turnover on downs inside Cameron's 20.


Cameron Has had only 4 possessions. Throwing a lot. Traion Smith has not been getting the ball. Teague is making the Yoemen pass.


I'll try to provide some stats soon.

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It's Definately not Teagues game to win. The Yoemen are getting it done. Stupid penalties by the Yoemen. We've dropped some very easily caught passes. Luna had a leg cramp. Our defense has their number. I'm here in Waco and Shephard can't carry this team all by himself

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