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Tatum 2016


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So what're you going to say if QB4 is playing QB or even RB instead of playing what you think he is? You going to support the coach or talk how QB4 should be our "natural possession receiver?"

Lol...Liles at RB? I will support it if Barker wants it. I ain't gotta agree to support. Liles at RB....that's a good one. 6'3 180 lbs....and might run a 4.9....and that's pushin it. Kid has a good vertical and great hands. Pretty sure Barker will see whateveryone else has seen and he will end up at WR but if he doesn't....ima support it.

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QB-4 will do whatever the Coach needs him to do, he is a Team player and will give 100%. And yes His Name is Spencer Liles and is My Son.

Definitely a team player. Was a hard task for him this past season.....playing QB behind a depleted line. He was under assault most of the time.

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