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The Evolution of Topps Baseball Cards: 1951-2015


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Mom bought me the Astros 2015 set for my 30th birthday last week. It was something I collected as a kid, and she thought it was something I could start doing with my son who's three now.


Also gote one of the last existing bats from the Lone Star Bat Company formerly of Crockett.

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1. They are like a bikini - they show A LOT, but not EVERYTHING. No statistic should be a be all/end all discussion-ender.


2. I despise the position, but if a player was the absolute best at a position, no matter how limited, I begrudgingly say, yes. [sEE ALSO: Closers]


3. No. True Baseball fans know who the greatest home run hitter is - no need for a self-righteous symbol.



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I have a couple of questions before I vote for Mod of the Year.

1. Sabermetrics - real data or white noise? Numbers don't lie.

2. Should designated hitters be in the HOF? Yes no qualifiers needed

3. Should there be an asterisk? No but a note on the plaque for what they did

4. Domes for baseball?

For Baseball in Texas? Yes. Anyplace North no.
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