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I just wanted to bring attention to an event happening right now that is near to my heart. When I lived in Atlanta, we went to a church called Passion City Church led by Pastor Louie Gigglio. This church was absolutely incredible... It stemmed from an event in 1998 called PASSION in Dallas, Texas. Louie Gigglio, Chris Tomlin, and a few other christian leaders put on this big event for college students and hosted an awesome event for almost nothing... After the finances were added up, they were $1million in the hole from the event. A wealthy man who was at odds with God was so moved by the event, that he went to Louie Gigglio and told him that he did not know what this event cost, but he wanted to donate $1million to see this event go on. 18 years later it is still kicking, and has started a church and a strong movement in the college community. Most of the new hymns and praise songs you hear in churches these days stem from this event.


If you want to see it live and replays of the previous events go to Passionconferences.com


Also, it is so big this year that they needed 2 arenas in Atlanta, and the Toyota Center in Houston to hold everyone. Jesus is still alive!

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