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East Texas Coaches Association Hall of Honor (Class of 2016)...


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Texarkana, TX – Officials from the East Texas Coaches Association (ETCA) announced today the five exceptional individuals, representing the sport of football who will be honored during the 2016 ETCA Hall of Honor Banquet.


Hall of Honor inductees include:

Coach Doug Cox

Former Head Coach & Athletic Director, Longview High School;

Earl Campbell

Former Player, John Tyler High School/University of Texas at Austin/Houston Oilers;

Coach Watty Myers

Former Head Coach & Athletic Director, Texas High School.

Other honorees include:

Al Hanna – Distinguished Service Award,

Broadcasting Legend, Former Voice of the Texas High Tigers 1965-2015

Greg Parham – Officials Hall of Honor inductee

Tyler Chapter Member, Texas Association of Sports Officials.


The East Texas Coaches Association supports coaches, parents and student athletes through the promotion of football in East Texas; professional development for coaches; provision of scholarships; and financial aid to coaches in times of personal tragedy.


The ETCA Hall of Honor Banquet will be held on Saturday, February 27 at 6:00 p.m. at Northridge Country Club in Texarkana, TX. The event is open to the public and tickets are available for $25 per person.








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How in the begeezes is Earl Campbell not already inducted???????

Just barely good enough (tongue in cheek) to make the NFL HOF but he's got to be about dead to get into the ETCA HOF????


Shameful really

I was wondering the same thing when I read the list.
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How in the begeezes is Earl Campbell not already inducted???????

Just barely good enough (tongue in cheek) to make the NFL HOF but he's got to be about dead to get into the ETCA HOF????


Shameful really



You started with a legitimate question because you didn't know the answer, but then you dove into a muddy ditch with, "shameful, really?"




The East Texas Coaches Association has been in existence for awhile, but the "Hall of Honor" is about to induct only its third Class. And, Earl Campbell will be the FIRST player inducted.


The original intent was honoring former coaches and those who have contributed to covering or working with East Texas high school football, including sporting goods reps, media, officials, among others.


Earl is in a Class by himself, but he will be the first player inducted. And, if the trend continues, that list can grow much longer with all the legends who've played in the area.


However, on a another note about "Hall of Fame," of "Hall of Honor," type banquets and events.


The main intent is to honor those who've earned the recognition, but there's also a huge part that is about fundraising, revenue and some obvious recipients aren't always honored immediately because of their ability to make the banquet, other than of course those who've passed away.


It's great Earl is being inducted, you're right, he's automatic, but it's also unfortunate he won't be able to attend the banquet on that night. And, his presence would insure a highly-visible, highly-attended night. I'm honored the Tyler Rose has asked me to accept his induction on his behalf and I'll proudly be there to share some of his words with the audience.


I'm also privileged to be on the Texas Sports Hall of Fame Selection Committee and the Texas H.S. Football Hall of Fame Selection Committee, and believe me, we discuss obvious choices...but their ability to be at the event is also huge.

Example, I know of two San Antonio Spurs, Coach Pop and Tim Duncan who were actually voted in 2-3 years ago, but the TSHOF banquet is usually in February, and it's nearly impossible to find a date in February when those two can attend. So, when they both end their careers, both will be inducted into the Texas Sports Hall of Fame. However, neither is officially in the TSHOF due to timing and scheduling issues.


I hope this helps answer your question.



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Hmmmm, never really thought about it this way, learn something every day.. Thanks smoaky... But I'm going to say this and most will laugh out loud when they read it, but introduction into this hall of honor is as important in my eyes as any of the others that come later. This is where it started, these slaying fields are where they got trucked first, where the determination and fortitude were forged in the hottest fires of football, where the will to win and absolute refusal to be denied were founded... It was bred here, the rest of the world reeped those benefits later... I can fully understand the business and fiscal side, but the people who came out in the rain and sleet and Texas heat to cheer you on and offer a smile when you lost are where the roots took hold,and you blossomed for the first time. I guess both sides of the sword are sharp for these guys, as I bet all these guys would be honored to be there and be able to except an award from the fields and gyms that lifted them up at the onset. Just a few words from the heart of a true fan of the athletes and young men and ladies of our great state. What an awesome place to watch our youngsters grow.

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