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Wow ,sounds like some folk's kids didn't get enough playing time. Honey grove is lucky to have a guy that can turn a program around. I know where AG started and where they finished and we weren't getting there without him. You guys must have never seen him in his pickup in left field cheering the softball girls or sitting at turn 3 to cheer on EVERY kid that came around. Not to mention the weight program he had that made every kid stronger. He came to our playoff game in Leonard this year and been to most of the BB playoff games.


Its cool to have an opinion but if you are gonna trash at least be grownup enough to not hide behind a screen name

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Make fun all you want behind you're fake name, you know I ran for the board and yes got 60 votes but has nothing to do with how many positives that Schultz brought to all kids. Some of the coaches didn't like him because he would not tolerate lazy coaches but he was always there for the kids-just ask them ! Its a shame that sometimes things are done without the best interest of the kids,but usually who has the most pull in the main building. Ya Know?

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