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3A District 15 Baseball


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Left the Dekalb at Redwater game headed to bottom 4 it was 2-0 Redwater with Nick Anderson throwing a nono.

Then a parent has posted on facebook of Anderson hitting a three run double.

Anderson was in control on the mound and Redwater was hitting the Hanna kid hard but not many runs to show for it.

Will try to update if I hear more.

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Redwater 7 2

Prairiland 7 2

Hooks 6 2

New Boston 5 3

DeKalb 4 4

Paris Chisum 1 8

Cooper 0 9


Playoff picture becoming clearer.


Remaining games:


RW - Hooks, Prairiland, NB

PL - DeKalb, Hooks, RW

Hooks - RW, PL, NB, PC

NB - Cooper, DeKalb, Hooks, RW

DeKalb - PL, NB, PC, Cooper


DeKalb probably has an easier schedule remaining and should win at least 2 of their remaining 4 with a real possibility of sweeping their last 4.


RW and PL have an advantage at this point with a bye in the remaining schedule which allows them to save pitching.


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I don't see Dekalb beating NB and PL may be a loss as well.

How did Dekalb beat Hooks? Hooks is a lot better than Dekalb. Guess that's why they play the game,right? Lol

I was at the Hooks-Dekalb game and Dekalb was running on all cylinders. Dalton Hanna was in command of his pitches, the Dekalb batters made the hits when needed, and Hooks infield made a few errors that hurt their pitcher. Dekalb has beat Prairiland and Hooks which shows that any of the top 5 teams can beat each other.

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Hooks 7 2

Redwater 7 3

Prairiland 7 3

New Boston 6 3

DeKalb 5 4

Paris Chisum 1 8

Cooper 0 10

Remaining games:

RW - Prairiland, NB

PL - Hooks, RW

Hooks - PL, NB, PC

NB - DeKalb, Hooks, RW

DeKalb - NB, PC, Cooper


looking at what everybody has left on their schedule...... NB has a hard road ahead and Dekalb has the easiest schedule left. New Boston will have to win 2 out their last 3 games to stay safe, because Dekalb will win at least 2 of their last 3 games.

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I predicted early on that DeKalb would get stronger as the season progressed. Now they are in the drivers seat and the pressure is on for NB, PL and RW to win.


I just hope that everyone gets at least one game in this week because trying to play 3 tough games in one week will be hard.

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