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3A District 15 Baseball


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NB wins
Final score is not indicative of how well Dalton Hanna pitched (Correction- most likely had a no hitter)
Sissons kid threw a 2 hitter.


Bottom of sixth, 2 outs, full count on the NB batter with bases loaded score still 0-0, NB batter hits a ground ball past the pitcher but the Dekalb Shortstop gets it and almost makes the throw to get the runner out. Ball gets away from 1B and 2 runs score for NB.

Dekalb pitcher should have been pulled at that point because he was tiring and ended up walking in 2 more runs until Dekalb made a pitching change.


Probably one of the best pitching duels I've witnessed in high school ball.

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Dekalb pitches the Hanna kid way too much. He's just a soph.

Granted he's not a power pitcher but shouldn't wear him down.He has good control and mechanics. Dekalb must not have any other pitchers.


Dekalb coaches, to my knowledge pitch him once a week and watch his pitch count carefully so he is doing fine.

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Hooks 7 2

Redwater 7 3

Prairiland 7 3

New Boston 7 3

DeKalb 5 5

Paris Chisum 2 8

Cooper 0 11

Remaining games:

RW - Prairiland, NB

PL - Hooks, RW

Hooks - PL, NB, PC

NB - Hooks, RW

DeKalb - PC, Cooper

Scenarios for playoff picture:

Dekalb gets in by winning out and if PL loses remaining 2 games (determined by DK beating PL twice)

NB gets in by winning 1 of the remaining 2 games

RW gets in by winning 1 of the remaining 2 games.

PL gets in by winning 1 of the remaining 2 games.

Hooks gets in by by beating either PL or NB but might not get in if they lose remaining 3 and DK and NB win out.

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