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First time head coach (playcalling)

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What is realistic to expect 5 and 6 yr Olds to remember. How many plays and what sort of names do you recommend. Me and my assistant coach have talked about naming the backs (we will run a Wing T) 1-2-3, and just using numbers. Ex:33 Blast, 18 power. What would you recommend. I also have some surprising passing and catching talent. How should I go about drawing up and naming pass plays?

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I coached POP Warner for 8 seasons, and started with 3rd graders, and took them to the 6th grade. I did it back to back.

Had the time of my life, but it was grueling. I found out alot after the first year, that made me step back and evaluate things a little more.

Its amazing how quick they learn, and what they can remember, but keep it simple, because when the games begin, they tend to get a little nervous.

I ran a Power I and veer, with some flanker/ slot motion.

I opted to teach them the right way, because I knew I would have them again the next season and we could build on it and be ahead.

I first taught them, the holes 1,3,5 7 outside, and 2,4,6 8 outside. Associated it the the number of the position QB1, FB2, TB3, Slot 4

and named the tight end.

We ran the dive, trap, cross, sweep, QB roll out, TE reverse, slot reverse, sneak, power lead, and a jumbo package where we brought 2 tight ends and stacked one side to run off of it, quick cross to the TE, and a halfback option pass from the edge.

You dont need alot of plays your first season, but teach them the holes, and basics because your line will know the hole their coming to which gives them a blocking assignment.

When you say play calling, just remember that what ever you put in your playbook, do it in mind that everything you run once can set up a play to come, once the defense is on it. Example:run the dive 2 times and come back with the cross, Run the QB sweep and reverse the flanker, run the halfback sweep and throw the ball deep on the edge.

Last... the biggest thing you can teach your kids is what those chains are. Bring them to your practice, and show them what they mean. Your not trying to score a TD every play, just get a few yards and get a first down.. What 4th down means, what tempo means, what command in the huddle means, what cadence importance means, and their splits on the line, when they line up.

Make it fun, praise them alot, and keep those chin straps tight.. Hope this helped.. Good luck

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