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Week 1: Hughes Springs @ Daingerfield


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Where the heck is easttxfinest, hope he didn't get a 30 day suspension. We need him on here to keep them pony fans in there place

Must be catching up on some zzzzz cuz i haven't seen anything that would get him suspended unless 2 or 3 of the HS folks went with him..

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how accurate is Pailla usually??


Where is DF in D2?


maybe post the polls, if you can?

Padilla also had HS picked last in district. Don't think Smoaky rules will allow me to post it, but I'm sure an enterprising young man like yourself could find it from a well-connected friend or two.

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I'm almost flattered that an entire page was dedicated to where I am. I had a lil hiccup over the recruiting comments I made. Some whine bag I'm sure himmed me up. Don't talk about it and involve me if you do. Now back to Donkey Smashing!!!

Little touchy on the recruiting topic I guess I missed that but it's all good...welcome back!

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I'm thinking 86 is just a tad low, and last in district, Padilla doesn't even believe that does he?


11 seems about right for DF or na?

Coaches poll are way different then the other poll, but I'd rather have coaches opinions than people who don't even know football.
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Thanks HS. Didn't see this post until after I answered the sarcasm of your neighbor. Hope you guys have a great season this year.

Good luck to you guys too buddy. Aside from the last couple of years, really miss playing the Wildcats.
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