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Chapel Hill vs WillsPoint

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Pretty tough game to get in a rhythm. Lightning delayed start till around 8. Then 10 minutes left till halftime a wills point player had a pretty bad leg injury and it took FOREVER for EMS to get there and then get him off the field. 1st half was also played in a light, but continuous and steady rain.


CH defense was dominant. Only TD came after a bad punt snap that have WP the ball on like the CH 5. Other 2 pts came from a safety on the O. Offense showed glimpses of being scary. A couple of 60ish yard td runs and a 87 yard pass to the RB. However, thought you could tell CH was breaking all but 2 players (backups included) on offense with no varsity experience.


Missed a couple of would've been td deep balls. Had a couple of blown assignments up front. Had some not very smart penalties. The potential is definitely there. Have some real good looking kids on both sides of the ball, just don't have very much experience yet.

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Anyone else find it weird that it took EMS so long to get to the stadium this past Friday night? By no means am I blaming the EMS staff. It seems there has always been an ambulance at the game sitting on visitor side, Just feel bad for the kid who had to lay there 45 minutes in obvious pain.


Anyone heard what happened to him? I k now it was a leg injury but seemed severe.

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