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Jefferson @ Pewitt


Who will win  

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  1. 1. Who will win the game

    • Jefferson
    • Pewitt

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Yea but y'all are Waskom...and that was just lil ole mediocre Jefferson that y'all beat by 2 pts in double ot, which would make y'all just about a baby step above mediocre, right?

Hmm, started out being a great game. Guessing that 2pt win looking pretty good now. Probably wouldn't say Jefferson is that mediocre.
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I look for pewit to blow Jefferson out of the water. Waskom still beat them with all the fumbles they had. Jefferson will do good just to compete in there weak district.

Really Really lol....Jefferson opened up a can tonight!!! Great game by both teams in the 1st half, but Jefferson showed their power after halftime. So many weapons!!
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I'm just waiting to see if he will blame their coaches for the loss and call the kids soft like he does HS after a loss.

Romo and many more talk about kids and hide behind a screenname. Definition of coward in my book.


Someone once told me, character is what you do and say, when you know nobody, will know you or catch you.

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Very relevant Coach!

Jefferson won, nothing needs to be said, but Congrats Bulldogs.


Pewitt will regroup and move forward. I wanted to win every game, but let's remember it is a game. We pay a few bucks and sit in the stands and talk mad schit. Those coaches and those boys pay a much greater price. My son is in the care of some great men. That is what matters to me. Wins and losses will take care of themselves.



Carry on fellas, I'm going to go kill some doves.

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