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Worst Talking Head On TV Or Radio


Worst Sports Guy On TV  

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  1. 1. Who makes you wanna shoot the TV/Radio?

    • Colin Cowherd
    • Skip Bayless
    • Stephen A. Smith
    • All Of The Above
    • Dan Le Batard

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Colin Cowherd, Skip Bayless and Stephen A Smith are the bottom of the barrel to me. Cowherd backtracks more than any guy out there. He'll be pro Dallas on Monday. Tuesday he'll deny he ever said it. Bayless tries so hard to be relevant when he doesn't have a clue what's going on. Bayless is a homer for whoever is winning that day. Stephen A is loud just to be loud.


The poll just applies to my most hated. Let us know who makes you wanna shoot the tv or throw the radio out the window.

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I actually liked Cowherd, but can't find him anywhere anymore. I hate Spain and Prim on Saturday at noon. One of the worst local's is Raheel Ramzanali.


FS1 has Cowherd, Whitlock, Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. You can't strike a match within a mile of all that methane.

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Cowherd used to be okay. He got a little full of himself before he left ESPN. Bad ratings have tempered him some at Fox, but he is still an arrogant guy.


Only one I really listen to is Dan Patrick. Unfortunately he is on friendly terms with ESPN again, so it isn't always as fun.

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I used to hate Cowherd, but I'll take him over the racist ranting of Dan LeBastard and Steven Ahole Smith.

I could put up with Mike and Mike on the drive to work. I hated Cowherd. Scott Van Pelt would get me back to listening in the afternoon. LeBatard is the worst show on the radio. It's a dang joke. I don't give a dang about Miami or Lebron. Especially not during Baseball and Football season.


Dan Patrick and Keith Olberman will always be ESPN to me. I just didn't know how big a liberal know it all he was.

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I can't put up with Mike & Mike unless Greenberg is off. Otherwise, it's just a social justice campaign sprinkled in with a bit of sports, just like every other "show".


I need to get a new aux cord for my car so I can listen to actual sports talk thru my phone on the way to work. This week it's listening to Mark Schlereth via 104.3 in Denver once I get to work. There are way too many options out there to be stuck listening to ESPN/Fox.


Bomani Jones is near the top when it comes to totally unlistenable. Jalen Rose is actually the only one I can listen to on ESPN radio for more than 5 minutes without wanting to drive off the road. Unfortunately, his show comes on after I get home.


I listen to sports radio for sports. There is enough sports going on at the moment to fill the 24 hour news cycle without getting the ESPN company how-to manual on how to be a liberal.


For the last 3-4 years I made sure turn my radio completely off during the lunch hour.

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