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Pittsburg @Tatum


Pitt @ Tatum  

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Depends what QB they play I don't know what the coaches are doing it's about to be week 5 and still haven't settled on a QB and I know women lie and men lie but numbers don't the soph has clearly outplayed the jr

Well they have been scoring about 40pts a game sooo I don't think the offense is suffering too much

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Tatum in a hard fought game. Tatum D seems to be carrying the team at the moment. From what I am told if the Eagles ever get the passing game to match their running game, they will be hard to beat. Moving the ball down the field running and throwing will make the Tatum D even better. That will be scary for opposing teams. Let's go Eagles.

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Better watch out for Pitt's #15, too. He was big-play clutch in the win over Paris. As an outside observer, I didn't see anything unusual about using two QBs. It's pre-district and time to develop some depth. You never know when you might need your backup in a clutch situation. The sophomore was impressive and the obvious No. 1. Pitt isn't quite as strong as last year, but still a legit contender in a tough district.

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