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White Oak vs Hughes Springs


White Oak vs Hughes Springs  

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Hoping HS responds the way they did to the Arp game and makes a game of it. I think they will. WO is tough and we will definitely be the under dog. If we cut down on the mistakes and play with the intensity that we usually do, I think it will be a good game. We shall see.

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Hs should use bye to prepare for next game they not beating white oak!

I still remember all the wisdom you handed out before. "HS had negative 10yds on the first 15 plays, they can't win cause they can't score"....."we scored twice on Tatum"......but we played the game anyway, and you know how it turned out. Just the opposite right? We scored 4 times and y'all had -9 yards in FOUR quarters. So thanks for the advice bud...but LMBO....we will prepare for WO and play that game anyhow.😂
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