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Week 8: Pleasant Grove @ Atlanta



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  1. 1. Who will win?

    • Pleasant Grove Hawks
    • Atlanta Rabbits

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Well, might as well get this started. Who shows up? I'll make a preview Sunday or Monday. I'm headed to the Red River Rivalry on top of my recent loss of motivation haha. Atlanta better decide real soon if they want to be in the playoffs.

Atlanta Rabbits(4-2) vs Pleasant Grove(1-5)

Pleasant Grove's opponents combined records - (20-17) .541

Atlanta's opponents combined records - (22-15) .595

Atlanta leads the series (15-10),Dating all the way back to 1984.

Last 5 meetings:

2015 - Atlanta - 55 | Pleasant Grove - 31

2014 - Atlanta - 48 | Pleasant Grove - 7

2013 - Atlanta - 41 | Pleasant Grove - 21

2012 - Atlanta - 50 | Pleasant Grove - 36

2011 - Atlanta - 49 | Pleasant Grove - 7

Atlanta is coming in after a blowout loss to Pittsburg (20-56).

Pleasant Grove is coming in after playing a close game with Gilmer for 3 quarters, before the Buckeyes ran away with it (10-31).

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It's the second district game for both of us PG played Gilmer tough for 3 1/2 quarters then it got out of hand Atlanta faced a Pittsburgh Pirates team that was on an mission and lost I know this much it's an must win for both teams this is one of toughest East Texas district no easy wins here so let's hear it who you think will win this one

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Both teams know must win game now closer than yall think it will be PG will win it in close one they need play a full game they been there own worse enemy all year play good for an half than fall off at end come on boys let's put together full game and get that first district win

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I would be pulling hard for Atlanta, but after that showing Friday against Pitt, I'm just scared to pick. I thought y'all had this under control. I need a little reassurance that the Rabbs have this setback handled.

Do y'all need a little therapy or does Matt have it handled?

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I'm voting for the Atlanta that played Tatum. If it is the Atlanta that played Pittsburg then I am not as confident.

Atlanta will win. If the Pittsburg that played Atlanta played Tatum again........teams have bad games and then rebound. But, I think some posters believe that Atlanta just had a bad night and not giving Pittsburg much credit. Pittsburg had an extra week to make some minor changes and get a couple players healthy. Atlanta still wins by 21.
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Pleasant Grove rotates running backs in pretty regularly. They have two backs, #25 and #22 can fly. #20 is a bowling ball and can get the tough yards. The passing game is a different story. Big receivers that cant catch and a QB who overthrows about 75% of the time.


Their defense plays good for the first half.

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You play who you play in the playoffs. Doesn't matter


So would you rather finish in position to play Tatum right off the bat or try to get a different matchup for the first round?

I disagree. Sometimes you may have a key player or players out and need a little extra time to get them back and hope for an "easier" opponent. Sometimes you would prefer a softer opponent to keep polishing your game. Anyway, I was just wondering if you had a preference on an opponent for rd 1.

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