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Week Nine: Longview vs John Tyler

Longview Lobos (6-1) vs John Tyler Lions (6-1)  

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  1. 1. Who wins?

    • Longview in a blow out
    • Longview in a close one
    • John Tyler in a close one
    • John Tyler in a blow out

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WP4L, on 21 Sept 2016 - 11:32 AM, said:snapback.png

I don't even know why I have to explain this...

But JT is not anywhere near as proven as Longview yearly when it comes to district play. We don't have to say anything...we have the district pedigree that rivals anyones. Which is why even Mesquite and Rockwall fans on the 6a board had Longview preseason ranked 1st because they understood that you have to knock off the usual champ in order to be the champ.

Yall were already putting JT on high pedastals prior to the season because of, dare I say it, returning starters. lol You can even go back and see. Whether it was on the 6a board or here on smoaky...most of yall had JT preseason 1st in district and no lower than 2nd, without haven proved anything.

No one outside of north tyler thought the same. Playoff team? Possibly...1st or 2nd in district? At least prove yourself 1st. Returning starters isn't going to automatically win you a bunch of games. Look at Marshall. Hell, we just beat a team with 11 starters back and we only had 4. lol

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I sure hope JT runs and stomps on our Logo and points at us tonite...

Man, I understand your frustration but ONE day you are going to have to take off them green colored glasses and learn to be humble about this era of Longview Lobos especially with John King at the hel

right now the I feel I'm closer to 40. If JT scores 60 I'll buy you Von Heat C4L 99 pair of Gucci shades! Aint buying Dace nuthg cause I know he prolly sporting 5 pair right as we speak...lol

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WP4L, on 20 Sept 2016 - 5:49 PM, said:snapback.png

Y'all boasted all offseason about what JT would do to the opposition because of....returning starters. lol

You forget? Or have you been humbled since then..


WP4L, on 20 Sept 2016 - 12:38 PM, said:snapback.png

They'll be served their humble pie pretty soon.

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WP4L, on 20 Sept 2016 - 10:45 AM, said:snapback.png

You should have seen these dudes prior to the season.

Swore up and down that they would run through 6A because of returning starters.

Then the one time they play a decent 6A team, who was 0-3 btw...they give up 59. lol

No mercy from me if our 4 returning starters smoke them in a few weeks.

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WP4L, on 19 Sept 2016 - 08:43 AM, said:snapback.png

Y'all scored 58. lol

Your defense just stinks like it does every year, which is what I was trying to tell yall prior to the season when yall were going around demanding respect from the district....because of returning starters. lol

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I watched the whole game from the endzone and just on the hoof JT kids looked way better athletically than LV. How Longview doesn't lose by 35 is a testament to the solid coaching at Longview.

Any JT fans know why they never threw a deep ball? I kept looking at #17 from JT lined up against a tiny corner all night and never tried him. Just wondering.

Excited to see smith in a cougar jersey in a few years.

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Not sure why Vong is in here. Lee ain't playing tonight??

Not sure why a Lufkin fan is in a JT and Longview thread when his team played in Conroe. I know what it is. He's a Longview jock rider.

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And the past one game, The Longhorns played some defense.


But it was against Iowa State. Who cares!


We ain't Texas High and JT has yet to beat a 100% Lobo team in lord knows how long.

LOL!!!!! Can't used this stupid argument anymore....lol

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Pinpoint the injuries/absent players in all of those games and I'll gladly do that.


Until then, lets stick to REAL facts...


Which are:


1. John King has never loss a district home game in his 13th season as our HC.


2. John Tyler has not beaten Longview in district play in 16 years.


3. Lastly, John Tyler has not beaten Longview in district play AT LOBO in 18 years.


Don't give me no BS stats like "we're 4-0 at Lobo the last 4 times" when two of those times weren't even against us and the other two were against none 100% teams. JT saw first hand last season what it's like playing 100% Lobo teams. Total domination.

Check #1, #2, and #3 off the list....lol!!!!!!

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I realize that you never played sports or know anything about football period..


But there are such things as quality wins and unquality wins. We're 4-0 in district play with less trails than yall, who are 3-1. You also loss to a team that we beat...so how the hell is our 6-1 records the same....because they appear the same on paper?


You have no clue.

hey WP4L...according to the scoreboard...the lobos are still trailing...lol

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The final score reflects that you don't have better players than JT.

Series clearly does.
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It was fun game to watch. I guess their would be co district champs this year in 11 6a.

Nawl...JT is the real District champs. How yall lost to Rockwall is headscrather...

Right now I'm off to lala land for bout a hour...gotta be at work at 2am😲

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