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Paul Pewitt vs harmony


Paul pewitt vs harmony  

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  1. 1. Who wins

    • Paul pewitt
    • Harmony

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Hey stone Kelly all that bickering about backs, I think me and you could have a 5 yard avg with yalls line. Those 5 are yalls stars.

Me and my 6.0 40 for sure.

3&2 29

1st on the QB sneak

#7 down to the 10

Heavy package in.

#25 to the 5

#25 is knocked end over end into the endzone. 16-7 Harmony 8:31 2nd

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Nothing better than smash mouth football.

Pooch......recovered by PP.

Pewitt has to throw the ball to #13

Do that more this drive and things get tight.

2&10 Pp on the 36. Flags all over again.

15 yard facemask on Harmony. 1&10 Pp on Harmony 48

Great catch by #9 just out of bounds. Great throw by the QB.

2&6 for PP

Pass falls incomplete 3&6

QB sneak picks up a yard 4&5 PP.

Punt is downed at Harmony's 26. 6:48 2nd

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Pass to #7 in the flats. Flags.....15 yard facemask. 1st down Harmony!!!

1&10 on their 47

Less than 3 minutes in the 2nd

Huge run for #5 to PP's 31.

#5 takes it to the 3.

Heavy package in. Touchdown!!! Harmony. #25 walks in. 2 point conversion is no good.


22-7 Harmony 2:03 2nd

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