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2ND Round FCS Sam Houston State


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Flat out weren't ready to play. Got whipped from the jump. Sams record setting QB played terrible. Threw atleast 7 or 8 passes directly at the DB's. Fortunately they dropped half of them.


Qb was not cleared till day before and was not ready to play Prob should not have played


Kat fans are very upset with the performance that was similar to last years semi final to JSU

Lots of calls for changes on defensive side

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Sad performance & effort by the Bearkats.


Changes need to be made on the defensive side by either coaching changes or scheme changes...and attitude also. Defense has been terrible all season and gave up alot of points to inferior teams, but the Offense scored alot more so it seemed to get overlooked.


I'm still have pride in my university...I'm a proud Bearkat!!


Eat 'em up Kats!!!

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